Remember Construction Paper Hearts?


Driving in to work today my mind began to wonder. After all, at 5:45 a.m. in January there is nothing to see but darkness. My husband and I generally don’t talk much in the morning…sometimes not at all. Hmmmm. I hadn’t really thought about that, but it’s true. I bet some mornings we don’t say one word to each other.  Nothing to see. Nothing to say.

ANYWAY–coming back on topic–my mind began to wonder. You see I bought these really super cute Valentines a week ago and I can hardly wait to send them out. So, as I sat there, I was thinking, “How soon can I mail them without it being TOO soon? It’s not even the middle of January…it’s too soon. If they arrive on February 1st, that would be good. Officially, “Valentine’s” starts February 1st, doesn’t it?”

Insert soap opera(y) music as my mind mind travels back, back, back in time…

We are now in the mid 1970’s…WAAAAAAAAAAAY back in time. I’m a little girl sitting in first grade looking at the calendar on the wall. The teacher made it on the bulletin board. The background is pink construction paper with wavy white cardboard for a boarder. She blocked off each day of the month with a big square. Hanging in a baggie at the bottom, attached by a thumbtack, are red construction paper hearts. Each day, some lucky person (I hoped it was me!) would get to stick a heart on the calendar as we mark off the days…

Insert soap opera(y) music as my mind comes back to the dark cold car and 2016…


“I miss those calendars. Oh! Remember the umbrellas for April and the turkeys for November?” Focus, Lisa. Back on subject…”Yes, I can mail my Valentine cards to arrive by February 1st, the first day of construction paper hearts on the calendar!”

I look over at my husband who stares blankly at the road and wonder, “What does he think about on his way to work?”

Better yet, what do YOU think about on your way to work? I hope it’s really important things like me!

😉   Make it a great day!






How Does Your Garden Grow?

1620911_10202245388949148_554815681_n When I was a little girl, I would help my mother in the gardens. Mama had a green thumb — everything she planted flourished, whether it was a rose bush or a watermelon vine. Me? Not so much. I don’t trust myself to garden alone.

I remember helping in the vegetable garden during planting season. Mama would go before me with the hoe, carving a neat furrow, breaking up clumps and “dispatching” and little pests who dared violate the field. I would crawl or scoot right behind, all Tomboy in the dirt, dropping little seeds into the ground Mama had prepared for me.

In the months that would follow, Mama and I would tend the garden — watering, weeding, and watching — waiting for the seeds’ glorious little green buds to break through the dirt, signaling the reward of our hard work.

We’ve all heard the analogies relating life to gardening — bloom where you’re planted, sow seeds of kindness, you reap what you sow, etc.

If you’re anything like me, you might have found yourself feeling like you’ve planted a lot of seeds in your life, but maybe haven’t seen them grow. I tell myself, “Marilyn, you’re planting a little seed now, and later on, someone will water it and pull the weeds. Eventually it will bloom, but it’s just not your job to be there when it does.”

But, secretly, sometimes I wondered if my “not-green-thumb-of-death” applied to my good intentions as well as my real-life gardening skills. How can I trust that my little seeds will grow in my absence?




We all have a role to play in this life.

When we’re running late, but go through the drive through for caffeine anyway because you know you’re going to need it, yet you still muster up a pleasant smile for the cashier. Seed Planted.

When you sit lovingly next to a hurting friend. Seed Watered.

When you bring some discipline into your own life. Garden Weeded.

When you have something to celebrated. Love Harvested.

We just have to remember, we are not responsible for the entire process. Friends don’t let friends garden alone. ❤









The Evolution of Coffee With Children

  When I was a teen, coffee shops were not a “thing”. I don’t remember a single coffee shop in my town. Well—we had coffee shops, but they were more like diners that served coffee. And by coffee I mean just that. Coffee. No lattes, cappuccinos, mochas—just coffee. And we teens didn’t drink it, generally […]

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Change the Atmosphere

“Change the atmosphere.” These were the words spoken to me recently by my incredibly insightful cousin. I had been through several days of frustrating circumstances. I hadn’t been praying for patience and yet each day tried my patience more than the day before. I found myself holding my breath, clenching my teeth, sighing and rolling […]

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The Little Things

To say that a five year old can be impatient is an understatement. For them, the air is still electrified with constant discoveries assailing their senses in the best of ways. They are Magellan — Marco Polo. And the entire world awaits their exploration. How could they stand still? Why should they? We adults, on the […]

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‘Tis the Season to…WHAT?

‘Tis the Season to be… Okay. So we all made it through Thanksgiving. We got through the sticks of butter, pounds of sugar, and loaves of bread. We survived countless loads of dishes. The dogs have helped mop up the kitchen floor. Awkward family moments have been navigated and hopefully survived with little damage. The […]

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The Giving of Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There’s just something about its purity, its tradition, and its focus on reflection, that speaks to my heart. Of course, the turkey, stuffing, and cranberries are nice, too 😉 But, when it comes time to sit at the table and ponder the things we’re thankful for, it forces us to […]

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This morning I was washing my hair before work. I hate washing my hair. Okay. I don’t really hate washing my hair. I hate what comes next: the drying, the styling, the disappointment in the final results. You’re feeling me, right? (shaking my head as I write this) ANYWAY, I don’t know if washing my hair stimulates my brain cells or what, but I seem to have a lot of “light bulb moments” in the shower.

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Finding Joy in the Hard Times

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I just don’t feel joyful. Have you ever been there, too? Life throws a lot at us — between work and home, illness, finances, and relationships, that can all either feel like a blessing or a curse. Have you found it to be true that it’s a lot […]

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Let the Anticipation Begin

Six months ago my friend, Sarah, and I began making plans for our second annual LRWF Get Together. I’m a planner. So, once we made the decision to meet in Ohio–and my hubs said, “Yes,” (I have the best husband ever!) I was ready to plan the entire trip. Where will we stay? Do we […]

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